Vida Elementary School Mocohán
grade three
Graduation Year:

Vida Elementary School Mocohán grade three

Your class is learning a lot this year! In Grade 3, the students are learning to take care of themselves, recognizing their body as the temple of the Holy Spirit. They are learning to understand their uniqueness and purpose within their family and community, acknowledge their mistakes and shortcomings, and show initiative in seeking reconciliation. They are working on effective oral and written expression, including spelling and punctuation, and problem solving, including the addition and subtraction of fractions with the same denominator. They are continuing to work on recognizing Mayan and Roman numerals. Grade 3 students are learning about the functioning of the major systems of the human body and how that relates to personal hygiene for maintaining health. They are learning about the purposeful creation of everything, recognizing balance and interdependence in the natural environment and assuming responsibility for its care, and how to classify living creatures based on common characteristics. They’re continuing to learn to follow instructions and take care of their classroom.

Vida Elementary School Mocohán

This class is part of Impact Ministries' Vida Elementary School Mocohán. The community of Mocohán has over 1,000 school age children and yet only one small public school. This leaves 750 children without the opportunity to go to school. Impact Ministries was given a piece of property by the community council and invited to open a school project. The Mocohán Vida School opened January 2007 and we provide an elementary program for approximately 200 students from Preschool to Grade 7. This community is known for infighting and poverty. The majority of adults are unable to read or write. Even many of the pastors only teach by repeating what they have heard because they can't read the Bible for themselves. A large majority of the children don't have a father figure in their home. Out of the tragedy of this situation God is doing a beautiful work in this school. Students are learning to seek God. Bible memorization is a priority and lives are being changed. There is a feeling of love and peace among the students and teachers. They are very thankful for everything that God is providing them through the school.

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