Villa Nueva
Vida Nueva Elementary School
grade one
Graduation Year:

Vida Nueva Elementary School grade one

Your class is learning a lot this year! In Grade 1, the students are learning to express worship and praise to the Lord voluntarily in their devotions, demonstrating gratitude through their attitudes. They are learning to recognize the Lord as their creator, and they exhibit a keen interest in discovering and developing the gifts bestowed upon them by God. They are learning that obedience is reflected in their positive behavior both within and outside the school, and they are learning compassion and repentance in the face of mistakes. In Grade 1, the students are exploring the initial stages of literacy and mathematical operations. They are learning to recognize and write numbers from 1 to 100, identify and trace alphabet letters, and understand consonant and vowel combinations. They are continuing to learn aspects of personal care and hygiene

Vida Nueva Elementary School

This class is part of Impact Ministries' Vida Nueva Elementary School. In 2013 the mayor of Purulhá asked us to consider establishing a school in the rural area of Purulhá occupied by two very small villages named Villa Nueva and Tierra Linda. There is great poverty in this area. The homes lack sewer systems and there is no public water. People carry water in buckets to their homes and many bathe and wash laundry in the small creek that runs through the village. The people in the community showed a strong sense of support by gathering funds and seeking us out. They want something better for their children! We built three classrooms as well as washrooms in order to begin a school. The government authorization came in January 2014 and we now have 130 students who are enrolled in Kindergarten through to Grade 7. As the children learn to worship, study God’s Word and put their faith in Him, these communities will be transformed for the Lord.

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