Vida Elementary School Purulhá
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Vida Elementary School Purulhá preschool

Your class is learning a lot this year! In pre-kinder the students are learning about who the Lord Jesus is and about His truths. They are introduced to the concept of God's love and who their neighbor is, and are learning to relate to their classmates. We want our pre-kinder students to understand that God created them and loves them and we want them to accept and value themselves. The students will engage in simple drawing and molding activities using materials like plasticine and clay. They will learn independence in age-appropriate activities, coordinating their eye-motor movements while dancing, imitating movements, and exploring materials. The students will be taught the numbers from 1 to 10, how to identify vowels, and how to develop autonomy in basic aspects of personal care and hygiene.

Vida Elementary School Purulhá

This class is part of Impact Ministries' Vida Elementary School Purulhá in Purulhá, a small town located approximately a 25-minute drive southeast of Tactic. The public schools are filled to capacity with only 1,200 of the 10,000 school aged children from the area. This means that 8,800 school spaces are needed. The mayor of Purulhá implored us to plant a school in his community, and he donated a large piece of land to Impact Ministries for the construction of a school. We opened the doors of the school in January 2007 and provide an elementary program for approximately 150 students from Preschool to Grade 7. Most of these children come from needy and broken homes our hope and goal are to raise them up to be leaders who serve Him and influence the community around them.

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