Vida Jr. High School Chijacorral
grade nine
Graduation Year:

Vida Jr. High School Chijacorral grade nine

Builds on the Christian formation fostered in previous grades. Expands logical, reflective, critical, and creative thinking in solving various social situations. Promotes technology and knowledge in school and family development projects. Develops dialogue in the prevention and peaceful resolution of conflicts. Raises awareness about environmental conservation and sustainable development in both the family and school settings. Cultivates norms of courtesy for peaceful coexistence in their surroundings. Identifies the benefits of preventive health for holistic growth and development. Participates in the artistic, scientific, and technological manifestations of their educational institution. Analyzes various documents according to writing and spelling rules and regulations. Participates on their own initiative in activities that promote a Christian character developed within the institution. Develops their gifts and abilities for spiritual growth. Strengthens and applies personal and family hygiene habits. Works in a team, maintaining peace and listening to others. Uses natural resources with awareness to care for creation. Reflects attitudes of respect towards authorities and peers. Establishes priorities for the execution of daily activities. Interacts with individuals who fully master the languages they aspire to learn. Participates in training on emergency prevention and natural disaster preparedness. Practices leadership principles, projecting themselves into humanitarian areas or institutions in the community. Promotes group projects that provide benefits to the educational community. Handles resources and information provided through technology in an honest and formative manner based on Christian principles. Communicates easily and shares their faith and convictions with society. Creatively and positively resolves the various problems that arise in their daily life. Strengthens civic, ethical, and moral principles based on biblical standards. Expresses harmonious and suitable behaviors among peers and members of the educational community.

Vida Jr. High School Chijacorral

This class is part of Impact Ministries' Vida Jr. High School Chijacorral, which shares the facility with the Vida Elementary School Chijacorral, is blessed to include 150 young men and women in grades 8 to 12 this year. This Jr. High School is approved by the Guatemalan government and offers a full academic education. We are thrilled to be able to help students to this level of schooling.

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