Vida Elementary School Chijulhá
grade six
Graduation Year:

Vida Elementary School Chijulhá grade six

Your class is learning a lot this year! In Grade 6, students are learning to demonstrate their love for God by actively participating in devotionals, prayer moments, and spiritual activities. They are learning to navigate the Bible, and to live in accordance with biblical principles. They are learning to take comprehensive care of themselves - body, mind, soul and spirit. Students in Grade 6 are working on structuring paragraphs and connecting ideas appropriately, speaking fluently and applying linguistic skills through writing, narration, description, and debate. They are learning to combine operations to solve math problems. They are learning about the geography and history of the Americas, and they are learning how to identify risks of natural disasters in the region. They are learning how to acquire knowledge by utilizing previous experiences, techniques, and accessible sources of information, and how to use their knowledge, skills and creativity to propose actions and participate in projects to address real-world issues.

Vida Elementary School Chijulhá

This school opened its doors for the very first time in January 2018. We are thankful for the opportunity to see the ministry of the Lord grow. This is a new work, with a mission, which is to bring the word of truth and bring life and spiritual healing to the communities near the school. We are blessed with what the Lord has given us until now. Children from five communities are attending school here close to their home and thus, learning to read and write, and seek God every day.

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