Vida Elementary School Chijulhá
grade three
Graduation Year:

Vida Elementary School Chijulhá grade three

Your class is learning a lot this year! In Grade 3, the students are learning to take care of themselves, recognizing their body as the temple of the Holy Spirit. They are learning to understand their uniqueness and purpose within their family and community, acknowledge their mistakes and shortcomings, and show initiative in seeking reconciliation. They are working on effective oral and written expression, including spelling and punctuation, and problem solving, including the addition and subtraction of fractions with the same denominator. They are continuing to work on recognizing Mayan and Roman numerals. Grade 3 students are learning about the functioning of the major systems of the human body and how that relates to personal hygiene for maintaining health. They are learning about the purposeful creation of everything, recognizing balance and interdependence in the natural environment and assuming responsibility for its care, and how to classify living creatures based on common characteristics. They’re continuing to learn to follow instructions and take care of their classroom.

Vida Elementary School Chijulhá

This school opened its doors for the very first time in January 2018. We are thankful for the opportunity to see the ministry of the Lord grow. This is a new work, with a mission, which is to bring the word of truth and bring life and spiritual healing to the communities near the school. We are blessed with what the Lord has given us until now. Children from five communities are attending school here close to their home and thus, learning to read and write, and seek God every day.

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