Vida Elementary School Chamché (PM)
grade two
Graduation Year:

Vida Elementary School Chamché (PM) grade two

Your class is learning a lot this year! In Grade 2, the students are learning to recognize themselves as a unique creation of God and how much they are loved by Him. They are learning to display consideration and respect towards their peers, and they are learning their role as part of a family and a community. Grade 2 students are working on reading and composing short texts with comprehension, writing in cursive and script, solving simple math problems, expressing fractions, identifying and writing numbers up to 1000, and recognizing Mayan numbers and Roman numerals. They are exploring elements of their natural surroundings, practicing environmental stewardship, classifying living beings based on common characteristics, and learning the role of their five senses in relationship with the environment.

Vida Elementary School Chamché (PM)

This class is part of Impact Ministries' Vida Elementary School Chamché (PM) located in Tactic and has been in operation since 1993. The school has been the focus for many short-term mission teams who will remember the remarkable transition that has taken place as the original facility expanded. It now provides an elementary program for both a morning and an afternoon shift. We opened this afternoon shift in 2013 because we were having to turn away many children due to lack of space in the classrooms. There are approximately 160 students from Preschool to Grade 7. Many of the children come from families with difficult home lives. A lot of the parents don't have permanent work and many of them are not Christians. Many of these children walk a long way to get to school every day and by the time they get home in the evening it's already getting dark outside. Our desire is that the students and teachers would continue to learn more about the Lord, that they will become leaders with the fear of God in their hearts, bringing the love of God to their families.

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