Natanael, age 9, grade three
Home Town:
Vida Elementary School Chamché (AM)

Natanael and his family are decendants of the Poqomchi tribe, a people group of the indigenous people of Central America. He lives with his mother and two siblings. His father does not assist the family and his mother operates her own store from her home. They own a cement block house. The house has a tile floor and an indoor washroom. Natanael is 9 years old and is in grade three this year. He helps out at home by cleaning the house. When Natanael has spare time, he enjoys playing soccer. When Natanael gets older he wants to be a truck driver. He is happy to be in school. He attends a Christian church in town.

Natanael attends school at Vida Elementary School Chamché (AM) in grade three.

The Vida Elementary School Chamché (AM) is located in Tactic and has been in operation since 1993. The school has been the focus for many short-term mission teams who will remember the remarkable transition that has taken place as the original facility expanded. It now provides an elementary program for approximately 200 students from Preschool to 7th Grade Many of the children come from families with difficult home lives. A lot of the parents don't have permanent work and many of them are not Christians. Our desire is that the students and teachers would love the Lord above all else, and that they will become leaders with the fear of God in their hearts and that we would reach the families for God through the children.

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